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ALPS Testing

Please note: Applications are posted to this website in October each year. Testing occurs in January and the dates for the given year are contained in the application.


world globe, colored pencils, notebooks, appleAssessments Used to Identify Students for the ALPS Program:

(1) Parent Recommendation
The ALPS Application constitutes the parents’ recommendation.

(2) On-Grade Level - Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
The CogAT measures students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills in three areas:  verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal.
Download the CogAT Test Brochure.

(3) Above Grade Level - IOWA Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS)
The ITBS is a norm-referenced test administered one grade above students’ current grade level in reading and math.
Explanation of Testing Codes for Iowa and CogAt.