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Creative Pursuit


Creative Pursuit Training Manual

What is Creative Pursuit?
Creative Pursuit is a content, process, and product program using productive thinking to develop students’ creative skills in solving problems. Each year a new task is presented to teachers and students. A teacher or parent volunteer coaches a team of four to five students. The coach is the facilitator/mentor of the team and instructs students in the creative process, provides direction, feedback, support and guidance. The gifted and talented staff in the Curriculum department will support classroom and/or school competitions with judging, trophies, and ribbons.

A Creative Pursuit team is faced with three tasks:

  1. Product Invention: Students are presented with a problem to solve. Teams work together to create or invent something. Guidelines are outlined in the Creative Pursuit Teacher Resource Packet that provide specific parameters in the development of the product. The product is completed prior to the bowl.
  2. Impromptu:  Teams are given two timed impromptu problems at the bowl.  One is verbal and one is visual (picture or graphic figure).  The goal is for students to generate as many ideas as possible, generate ideas from a variety of categories, and generate unusual ideas that other groups do not think of.
  3. Presentation: Teams are given three minutes to present an original skit that sells the product or idea they have developed at the bowl. The materials students may use in the presentation are limited to a list of specific items, which are listed in the Creative Pursuit Teacher Resource Packet. Judges look for creativity and originality in the development and presentation of the skit. The presentation should be created and practiced prior to the bowl.

The Creative Pursuit Teacher Resource Packet is available on the Gifted and Talented website by September of each school year. Packets may be copied or requested through your area Gifted and Talented Consultant. Each packet contains the Creative Pursuit task, bowl dates, guidelines and specifications, information on coaching a Creative Pursuit team, and practice ideas for both verbal and visual prompts.