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Choice Boards/Learning Menus

Learning menus and Choice Boards empower students through CHOICE while ensuring adherence to important LEARNING GOAL!

What are Learning Menus?

  • Learning menus outline a variety of instructional options targeted toward important learning goals.
  • Students are able to select choices which most appeal to them.
  • The teacher directs the menu process, but the student is given control over his/her choice of options, order of completion, etc.

Meaningful Menus by Laurie Westphal

2-5-8 List Menu Template

Give Me Five Template

Challenge List Template

Tic Tac Toe Template

Shape Menu Template

Blooms Tic Tac Toe

Example Science Menus

Electricity Menu

Solar System Menu

Science Chemical Menu

Example Math Menus

Decimal Menu

Geometry Menu

Measurement Menu

Measurement Menu

Example Language Arts Menus

Persuasion Menu

Novel Menu

Poetry Menu