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Advanced Learning Placement for Students (ALPS)


Of note:  There will be a summer testing session for families who have recently moved into Jordan School District and /or for families who missed the winter/spring testing and are interested in an ALPS placement for the 2022-2023 school year.  Summer testing dates will be announced in May.

ALPS - Advanced Learning Placement for Students
ALPS is an acronym for the Advanced Learning Placement for Students, a gifted and talented magnet program that serves high-ability students in grades 1-9. The program is designed for students who demonstrate high performance, or capacity for high performance, beyond grade/age expectations and thus require specialized learning experiences beyond the regular curriculum. Students attend school full-time in one of six ALPS magnet schools (3 elementary schools and 3 middle schools). Please visit the links below for more information about the ALPS magnet program.

What is ALPS?
ALPS Testing
ALPS Schools
ALPS Handbook