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Story Weavers

Story Weavers
A Storytelling Festival


Story Weavers - Grades  3-6

All students should have the opportunity to learn to communicate through storytelling. Storytelling stimulates inventive thinking and imagination, which leads to better reading, writing and communication skills.  Storytelling engages students in the enjoyable pursuit of literature and nurtures the preservation of the oral tradition of storytelling. Additionally, storytelling supports the reading and writing curriculum and strengthens communication and visualization skills.

Some students who want to perfect the art of storytelling beyond the classroom should be encouraged to tell their stories to different audiences. Teachers are encouraged to have a storytelling festival or provide various opportunities for students to tell their stories.

Few students, who show a genuine interest and enthusiasm in storytelling, may be given an opportunity to represent their school at the district storytelling event. One student or one set of students (in tandem) who have storytelling abilities that are exceptional (criteria is listed below) will represent their school at the district storytelling event.

(Criteria based on the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival Guidelines).

  • Engaging introduction
  • Poise
  • Enunciation
  • Voice expression
  • Eye contact, facial expression
  • Body language, appropriate gestures
  • Story pacing
  • Enthusiasm and connection to story, familiarity with story
  • Satisfying story choice
  • Satisfying ending

Student Preparation 
Students are encouraged to tell their stories as often as possible. Students will need to find opportunities at home and school to practice, practice, and practice!

Teacher Preparation

Help students find a voice for storytelling by providing activities that encourage the use of storytelling skills. Give students opportunities to tell stories in a safe classroom environment. Teach students how to construct and follow a story map.

Storytelling Event
Story Weavers: A Storytelling Festival will take place at the district level. Students will be invited to tell their stories and will be evaluated against the criteria listed above. All students will receive recognition for participating in the event.

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